Friday, 24 September 2021

Updated Public Health Advice for schools - in effect from Monday the 27th of September

In line with recommendations from the National Public Health Emergency Team, it has been agreed that from September 27th, automatic contact tracing of asymptomatic close contacts in primary school children aged under 13 years of age is no longer recommended. 

This means that children who are asymptomatic will no longer be routinely required to restrict their movements. 

Automatic COVID 19 testing of asymptomatic close contacts identified in primary schools will no longer take place; instead testing will focus on clinically relevant symptomatic disease. There will be transition to testing for public health action and surveillance as indicated on public health or clinical grounds. 

Children identified as household close contacts and who are not fully vaccinated or have not had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnoses in the last 9 months will still need to restrict their movements and get a COVID 19 test.

A child is a household contact if they were present over-night, in the household of a COVID 19 case while the case was infectious. This may be in their own home or someone else’s home, for example children who may have been on sleepovers with family or friends. 

Public Health advice remains the same for any primary school child with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 - they should immediately self-isolate, should not attend school or socialise and follow current public health advice.

Please note advice to schools regarding the sharing of information of a positive case in our school:

From a public health perspective, we have been informed that there is no clinical need for information to be shared with contacts of cases, therefore Public Health do not recommend that schools tell parents of other children that there has been a case of Covid-19 within a classroom. 

Friday, 20 August 2021

Return to School Information letter August 2021

Please see beginning of school year information letter here (including information about 'Music Generation' & Pupil Personal Accident Insurance):

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Summer Holidays!!

 We wish everybody a wonderful summer! Thank you to the whole school community for all of the support and understanding throughout this crazy year. 

We want to wish our 6th Class pupils and Annamay the best of luck in their new schools! They will be missed in St. Patrick's! 

Happy summer!! 

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Sports Day!

We had so much fun today for our Sports Day! 


Wednesday, 12 May 2021

'The Big Dig' - A visit from The School of Irish Archaeology

We were delighted to welcome Mark & his team from The School of Irish Archaeology to our school today. 

The children had a wonderful time learning about how archaeologists work, examining Viking tools & artefacts & most fun of all digging in the clay to find some hidden treasures!